The End is the Beginning is the End

This post will conclude my trilogy of literature concerning the something Something Awful Forums. I did indeed get a response from SA concerning my banned account, as the image for this post suggests. My days as a Goon are over.😱I’ll just have to find some other place to get crazy. My heartfelt condolences to those who would have liked to have seen me post there.

As for the SA forums, I can’t in good conscience recommend anyone join that group. It is a scam. So if you are in KarmaFleet and are looking for ways to further establish your goon-hood, you might want to try something else. The place is a tribe of orcs, not really adhering to any sort of rules, and that’s not a good thing if you are paying money to participate. From the previous posts you see I am not complaining about lawlessness in the form of uncouth behavior, but rather that moderators troll you and bait you into interacting them and then ban you for trolling them. The greater corporate leadership doesn’t seem to care. Ala, culture via tribal prestige, advancement via hand job, you know the deal.

So this just about wraps up the issue with the shortest post I think I have written. I wrote it because I promised a conclusion.

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