Space Soliloquy

Okay then. My previous return to Eve was less involved than I had planned. Last fall I wanted to come back to Eve, but was still stuck on an ancient computer that would barely play the game, much less tolerate multiboxing. So I decided to head up north and mine in my Rorqual until such time as my computer could be updated. All was well on my Rorqual alt in Blades of Grass’ nullbear alliance, that is, until Goons attacked. Powerless to do anything, I gave up on the game yet again. Honestly, I could have stayed around for the metagame, and was even approached about blogging for the GotG cause. If I had done so, I might just have cemented a career as some sort of Eve personality. However, I went the other way and became nobody. Didn’t say bye, didn’t pass go or collect $200. Basil and Eingang probably think I am a flake at this point. I’ll have to beg their pardon when I bump into them out there.

So at this point, I doubt anyone will be reading my stuff. However, I started this blog in order to catalog my Eve history for those I would actually meet. I’ve been a New Eden vagabond, having been all over, never quite sticking with one group for very long, both by my own choice and sometime not by my choice. So that said, I am just writing today about my return to the game.

This time around I’ve returned again to use the game as a kind of therapy, wanting to give myself a regular routine that is low stress in preparation for some renewed interface with the real world. (I’m a PTSD veteran for those who don’t know.) That said, I decided to stay away from nullsec. I’m still getting my bearings about what is going on, but the drama of Nullsec seems to no longer compare to the grand events of the old days. The old school alliances with participation links, login statistics, full API checks and constant spymongering is not my cup of tea, at least at this point. I’m going from five accounts down to two. My goals this time around are to get good at solo and small gang PvP and look for opportunities to learn to FC. I’ll dig in to these goals at a relaxing pace. It seemed to me that a return to Faction Warfare would be in my best interest. My time with Dirt n’ Glitter and the Imperial Fedyakin was really one of the best times I had outside of the Newbro groups Brave and Horde. I didn’t want to go back to Horde, really, as while I think the group is good overall, my last brush with elitism in Horde wasn’t something I was really excited for. If my current situation ends up not being permanent, I may return there if they’ll have me. But actually, it seems as though I’ve stumbled on a fairly good gig.

I’ve joined an Amarr FW corp, Krysis Guard. The corp is large, though the majority of the membership is fairly casual and uninvolved. Still, there seems to be a rather large core of folks that are quite active, and the corp has a lot going on. Most importantly, the leadership understands its obligations to create content, and given the current state of FW in the Amarr Minmatar zone, they seem to be successful in that uphill battle. I’d say there are few in the corporation who have as much experience as I do, but I have already identified a number of individuals who are markedly more talented than I am in a number of areas. The environment is casual, but not lazy or stupid. I am liking what I see so far. If anyone does read this and wants to join a good FW corp, I can recommend mine.

So that’s what I am up to again. I’ve switched gears yet again. This time not because of some restlessness on my part, nor because of some wretched drama I’ve gotten mixed up in, but just because I’ve been leaving and coming back to Eve a number of times over the last couple of years. As for blogging, I don’t know how regular I will be. I doubt this will be my last post, but exactly what I’ll write about, I can’t say right now. I am just updating my website so anyone who meets me will know who I am, where I’ve been, and what I’m doing.

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