The Valley of Indecision

Just a quick personal update. I’m not leaving Eve. Upon my exodus from Pure Blind I was met with quite a bit of support for my predicament, and I was duly impressed by the Eve community’s commiseration with my plight and perspective. My lack of faith in the Eve community was thereby addressed, and I will not be leaving the game. Thanks for the support, fellas.

Also at that time I talked to some old friends about a way forward and was offered a fork in the road by some. I could go the route of old-style PvP alliance, with participation and fleet requirements, or I could go into a null bear kind of situation. Now I am waiting on my new computer before really getting back into PvP, but I didn’t want to do the null bear thing and join a corp knowing that I would be leaving it sometime in the near future. A bit paralyzed by my prospects, I toyed with the idea of doing some solo FW or just doing PvE a la Cosmos Missions, but mostly I just logged in occasionally on some alts moving stuff around and selling stuff and whatnot.

Frankly, that’s still where I am. However, I still have the mindset of someone just back at the game, newly intrigued by Eve and her current and future states of things. So, on that note, I will be reading all the things about Eve and blogging about them this summer. I’ll make a more permanent decision about what to actually do in the game in the fall like I originally intended. Right now I just wanted to announce that I’m not quitting or taking another long break, thank those who were quite cool to me, and state that I’ll be posting on my blog.

Fly safe o7.

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