How About That Rorqual!

So, I’ve been back in Eve for about a month now, and I guess it’s time to write a blog post. This one might be short, as I’m writing it on my phone. My daughter has her permit, so I am in for an afternoon of being a passenger in my car. I’m sure Eve has forgotten about me over the last year plus, so I’ll just put out a little note about my current state, as this site was originally intended to be a means of introduction to those whom I run across.

I’ve actually logged in a few times since WWB, first for the Test eviction and then to move my Rorqual up north for the update to the ship. Sadly, I didn’t actually get to mining until after the second nerf, and the third is soon upon us. Nevertheless, the new Rorqual is, and will be, my favorite ship, and it looks like my goal is now to mine up a supercarrier. To that end, it looks like Pandemic Horde is going to be a long-term home for me. A long time ago they blue’d my alt corp, something I’ve never been able to get a unposed alliance to do for me since I’ve played Eve. Also, I’m quite happy, as basically the inventor of the PANIC module, that I have already had the pleasure of using the thing, and Horde’s response in saving my 9 billion ISK ship was fantastic, and I was successfully rescued. Now during WWB I was disappointed that we couldn’t get cloaky operations going in a really robust way, but I am thinking that the current political situation might be more conducive to having fun BLOPSING stuff in the future, once my mining bug is cured. Right now my computer is so old I am not really up for all kind of multiboxing PvP action anyway. I’m getting a new rig in a few months, so might as well just mine and build until then anyway.

As for blogging, I’m not sure how often I will blog, but I do have a few posts in mind, so I imagine I am returning to Eve writing, although I don’t plan on any real consistency with it until the next big thing pops up and there is a need for some propaganda and trash talk.

But yeah, in a nutshell, I’ve returned to Eve. Fly safe!

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