Well, I didn’t think I would ever write another blog post for this game, but some things are just impossible to pass up. In 2018, although having a good time in Amarr faction warfare, I had to leave the game. I moved to another country, and life there just wasn’t conducive to Eve, so I took a break that looked like it was going to be permanent. Well, I have actually been back at the game for a few months. Having moved from Israel to Mexico, and living a rather eremitic life as an author, I decided to log back in to mine quietly with my Rorqual. I, Jan, am actually an alt now, and my industrial alt is now my main. Not having been any kind of Eve famous for several years, I put blogging behind me to Rorqual mine. What could be interesting about that? Well, I of course ran into Eve fucked-upness, and the guilty shall not go unnamed.

Upon my return to Eve I decided, in error, to rejoin Pandemic Horde for their wonderful cap umbrella and Rorqual protection. However, an old friend convinced me to make my first mistake: not joining Pandemic Horde Inc., but rather a Horde renter corp called Dragon. Recruitment was a kind of a sham. “Yes, we have lots of caps and supers and Rorqual miners! Join!” Of course when I got there, the Rorqual miners ninja rorq’d, and if anyone came to attack them, they’d hear the words, “sorry you lost your Rorqual”. A couple of people brought Rorqs out but didn’t siege them. Others were spy paranoid and never joined fleet or got on comms. Spy paranoia, unchecked, actually prevents good organization and defense.

So I mined in my porpoise. Had to wait thirty days to join the capital group. Then I joined the capital group and found I had to get combat kills. So I waded through the tidi to get kills on my Rorqual pilot. Of course, just as I got my cap kills, the fuckery started. I asked in the group where the best place to mine in my Rorqual was for cap defense. The answer was that Horde is deployed. Nobody saved Rorquals. Deflated, I mentioned in corp Discord that not having a cap umbrella was gay.

That started my encounter with modern American gay fascism. See, I am forty eight years old. All my life, gay has had a few meanings. Obviously it refers to homosexuals. Originally the word meant happy. “We had a gay time” is something you’d hear in the 19th century. In the middle of the last, it took on more meanings. It meant over the top outrageous. If the Star Wars movies had been shown in the fifties, they would have said, “I just saw the new Star Wars movie! The effects were gay!” Later, as a polite euphemism, the term gay was applied to homosexuals, in that they were different, happy, often ostentatious. Never was the word an insult. This is why homosexuals call themselves gay. Later, the previous meanings of happy and outrageous took on a negative tone, meaning silly or stupid. “That’s so gay” meant that something was messed up or stupid in the 90s. To my knowledge, that negative usage has never been connected to homosexuality. And it is how we used the word in my youth, and how I use it today when not referring to homosexuality.

But, as fate may have it, Dragon. has two gay directors. One of them, Solath Rowan, is getting some kind of degree in intersectionality or something. Intersectionality is a weapon for discrimination. It is the scientific study of who is oppressed, so that people will have scientific data to oppress those who are not oppressed according to the determinations of intersectionality. That is, intersectionality is a bunch of statistical data about how women, minorities, and you guessed it, gays are oppressed, so that people can have information that sounds scientific to support programs to oppress white heterosexual males. I also should have known something was amiss when that same director referred to Elon Musk as a psychopath. These days the liberals have their own media, and the liberal politicians and media know that they can say absolutely anything they want, that no one will check anything, and nobody will really care if anything anyone is saying is actually true. That’s why Donald Trump is being impeached after leaving office for inciting crimes against the United States or whatever. It’s also the only conceivable reason that anyone would think Elon Musk is a psychopath.

Anyway, saying the lack of a cap umbrella was gay was a big problem with these folks. Using the word gay in any kind of a negative context is homophobia, apparently. I explained how I was using the word, but the delusions just kept getting more intense. Another director, Orkin McGorkin, kept ranting about how he was beaten up for being gay. I didn’t have anything to say about that, as it didn’t have anything to do with the lack of a cap umbrella being gay. This is also why I didn’t mention that I also have been beaten up for being gay. Because I didn’t respond to that, he said that he was upset at people making like his experience of being beaten up for being gay didn’t happen. Nobody ever said his experiences didn’t happen. He made that up all on his own. I mentioned that militant political correctness is a form of intellectual bolshevism. He complained that I called him a Bolshevik. I didn’t. I just mentioned a trend. I also said that things didn’t go well for the Germans after World War One, and they obtained a sense of victimhood, and this victim complex resulted in their becoming Nazis. This same asshole, Orkin, told me that I said that we should get rid of gay people so they don’t become the next Nazis. I never said anything about getting rid of gay people. Obviously I was dealing with people who have no connection to reality whatsoever. They started calling me a homophobe.

I didn’t feel comfortable being around such intolerance and bigotry, especially when words were being put in my mouth, lies were being told, and obviously there wasn’t going to be any future for me in that corp based on the vicious behavior of the two leftist gay directors. So I started moving my stuff out. Then I get a DM from the CEO, Erin Davis, who tells me I will be put on the Horde Ban list unless I apologize to the two directors. Now you know people who advocate coerced apologies think lies are a matter of course. Well, I didn’t want to be on the Horde ban list, so I did what any honest person would do. Now while still being in the corp, I was already kicked from the corp discord server. Real classy, right? So Erin unblocked me from Discord, and I said in Discord that the CEO told me that I would be banned from Horde if I didn’t apologize, so I apologize, and I will be leaving corp. They told me the apology wasn’t sincere, and that they didn’t accept it, and instantly banned me from their corp Discord again before I had any chance to say anything else.

I moved most of my stuff to R1O-GN, PH’s home system, and put in applications for some toons to Pandemic Horde Inc, and took a day off from Eve. When I came back, I jumped my JF to find out that I could not dock. My toons had been kicked from Horde and I was put on the ban list. So so much for Erin keeping his end of the bargain, right? Via logging off and back on and using deep safes, I managed to get my JF to lowsec. But my Rorqual is, at the time of this writing, still in R1O-GN, and, because of the wonderful forethought of CCP, I cannot jump to the jump clone there.

So I have to join someone who is blue to Horde to get my Rorq out, or have someone fly it out for me, or pay asset safety and wait 20 days for my stuff. Lovely. I never thought I would have to say this, but on my list of questions that I ask potential corporations when considering joining, I now have to ask if there are any gay leftist directors in the corp, as the characterological and cognitive bankruptcy of Solath Rowan, Orkin McGorkin, and Erin Davis, with their little financially non-viable renter corporation and insane taxes, have shown me evidence of the increasing intolerance and bigotry of that group of people. I don’t feel the need to discriminate against homosexuals because they like to suck dick, but because generations of moral relativism have basically turned a certain class of homosexual into satanic sock puppets who do any say anything that the demons who possess them want them to without any regard to actual truth. I mean just my leaving corp wasn’t enough for them. They had to lock my stuff into hostile stations just to be vindictive little punks. Never in my life have I ever thought I would have to discriminate against any sort of gay person. But Orkin McGorkin and Solath Rowan have shown me, at the ripe age of forty eight, that there are indeed cases where I need to in order to protect myself from leftist gay bigotry.

I’m pretty sick of Horde, and won’t be having anything to do with PanFam here on out except possibly to join some Goon ally to fight against them in Delve. Getting a Horde director to listen to any sort of ban list grievance is impossible, not even worth the attempt at this point. I’ll probably avoid nullsec as a whole, really, that is if I don’t spend my game time on the Playstation where I don’t have to deal with the intolerance and bigotry that the lying, delusional gay fascists in Eve like Orkin McGorkin and Solath Rowan dish out.

Eve just isn’t that fun, guys. Getting banned from Pandemic Horde after wading though all the bullshit. Not for being an AWOXER. Not for being a corp thief. Not for being a spy. But for word usage that had nothing to do with any hostility to any sort group of people. It used to be that anyone in Horde could FC a fleet. Not so any more. Since returning, I have had one experience after another of Horde being a bureaucratized low grade outfit where you get the privilege of being treated like nobody and doing only what they have on the table for you. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Playstation awaits.

2 thoughts on “Bigotry

  1. Jan,

    I’m sorry for what they did to you. This may be the greatest blog post ever written and the holy grail of leftest GAYNESS I’ve ever seen. I’m 50 and understand completely how a word has been twisted by manipulative left-wing radicals to have anyone who uses it instantly become Redneck Homo Hunters.
    But it’s not just homosexuality, it’s everything they stand for. If you are against their ideas…you’re a Nazi and canceled. They do it to their own. One slip across that gilded line and whack, they’re off the island.

    All I can ask is to please stay, because Eve needs crusty old fuckers like us to identify the stupid. And if for nothing else… so we can laugh when they eat each other.

    Dorian Reu (Reuster’s Games)


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