Thoughts about the Nestor

So I just got a Nestor. I’d been reading and asking about it for a while before getting one and thinking about what I would do with it. Now that I have one and have fit it out a bit and done some playing around with it, I have ideas for ways in which it can be changed. From what I’d understood, the ship is a niche ship used and loved by a few, yet thought to be too expensive for most to use for the purposes that come to mind for them. Those who use it, including, soon, myself, worry that if it were buffed much more it would become overpowered. Yet those who don’t use it seem to think that it needs love in order to be something they’d consider using. There are a number of different ideas for how it could be changed. Also, those who use it tend to use a range of bonuses and abilities that it has, but few use the whole range of them. Strangely, the people that I have run into who are the most happy with it tend to be the rare wormhole dwellers who use it, tending to get a lot out of its logistics capabilities in a PvP setting. Those who tend to be the least happy with it tend to be the most frustrated by its lack of black ops capability, such as not being able use covert ops cloaks or black ops jump drives for bridging. A few just love the mix of tank and drone damage and find it to be a good ratting ship. Most, though, think it isn’t really significantly better than the Dominix or Armageddon as a ratter to be worth the obscene cost. The hull alone is bling.

I’ll say that I am one who actually doesn’t think the ship really needs a buff to be a worthwhile ship. However, I do have ideas for things that I would love to see it be able to do. I am also one who sees the ship as designed to be and best utilized as a PvE ship. I am aware, though, that it has found a PvP niche and can be quite a powerful tool for those who don’t mind its cost. For me, the primary goal of changes would be those that would encourage uses in situations where its many varied types of bonuses can all be used, which are generally PvE situations, while trying to avoid suggestions that would buff one area to the point that it could be exploited in another area. This is really impossible, and the bonuses I have in mind would make it probably overpowered in PvP fleets, but in such a way that it really wouldn’t create a situation where all you’d need to do is add a gaggle of Nestors to your fleet composition and you have an “I win” button.

One puzzling facet of the Nestor is that it is difficult to pin down as a ship for solo use or as a centerpiece or support for a fleet. Integrated scanning bonuses indicate that it is ideal for solo use, eliminating the need for a buddy or an alt as a scout. However, the ship is too valuable to be traipsing through gates and WH entrances all by yourself, even with a warp stabbed travel fit. The armor repair bonuses certainly seem fleet oriented, but could also be thought of as a way to repair your drones and be able to use heavier drones in PvE fights. Naturally the logistics bonuses are one of its primary PvP advantages. Perhaps the most frustrating bonus is the ship maintenance bay. It’s only got 5,000 cubic meters, enough for a shuttle. It can’t refit itself with the bay, and on longer exploration trips both the Nestor and the ships that may be with it will want to conserve cargo space for loot, so the temptation will be to carry the minimum spare modules needed for refitting ships for maximum effect. Since the bay can’t really carry any ships, the Nestor doesn’t help much with a primary problem on longer expeditions: as soon as someone loses a ship, the expedition is over. The bay does offer some utility, and I plan to make use of it, but it’s barely more than a gimmick.

My basic desires for changes to the Nestor involve making it more of a definitive centerpiece for longer-term, multiplayer, multi-ship exploration trips, not just to WH space, but to distant areas of nullsec. I therefore suggest the following buffs:

  • Increase the ship maintenance bay to 30,000 cubic meters.
  • Give the ship a 3,000 cubic meter fleet hangar.
  • Allow the ship to fit a Covert Jump Portal Generator I and bridge to covert cynos. Consequently the Nestor would then also need an appropriately sized fuel bay.
    • The Nestor should NOT get the massive speed increases that the black ops battleships get while cloaked, nor should it be able to fit a covert cloaking device.
    • The Nestor should have a targeting delay and delay on launching drones after jumping to a covert cyno of 60 seconds (or maybe even 5 minutes). This would prevent the Nestor from replacing BLOPS battleships for on-field use.
    • The Nestor should NOT get a 50% reduction in distance for calculating jump fatigue.

The carrying capacity buffs would allow the nestor to bring a spare frigate for anyone who lost a ship as well as provide enough space for a dizzying array of extra modules with which the cloaky fleet could refit its ships as well as provide enough cargo space for days and days of loot gathering. It would also allow the Nestor to bring a fleet across New Eden with only a covert cyno ship having to use gates. The logistics bonuses of the Nestor were likely PvE related, allowing Stratios and force recons to accompany the Nestor into anomalies that would otherwise be too dangerous for them, thereby creating a PvE pair for increased ISK per hour. Those who are currently using the logistics bonuses for PvP would continue to do so, and certainly more folks would jump on that bandwagon were it to be able to use covert cynos, but I doubt everyone would rush instantly to the Nestor for a new era of cloaky warfare.

So that’s my idea for possible buffs. If they don’t happen, I still see the Nestor as a good ship able to use all its bonuses to potential, albeit with some difficulty. The ship doesn’t really need as much love as many claim it does. However, with some buffs such as these it would be exponentially cooler as a cloaky fleet long range exploration base ship. At the same time, I really don’t think these buffs would make the ship overpowered.