The Starship Techie

Wend doesn’t talk about where he came from. In fact, Wend doesn’t really talk. Originally his friends thought he was shy, but they found out that he doesn’t really like people. Wend likes machines, and his owner, Jan Irvam. That’s pretty much it. There must be an interesting story behind how an Ammatar slave became a capsuleer, but we’ll never know it because Wend doesn’t talk about it. Jan picked him up in a freeport in the Berta system for pennies on the dollar. Pennies on the dollar because there really isn’t much Wend can’t build or design, and he can squeeze diamond powder out of a pound of raw carbon if you give him a toaster, two feet of copper wire, and two aspirin – a miner’s best friend.

Since being taken into Jan’s crew, it’s pretty hard to tell Wend is a slave. He makes himself valuable to anyone with whom he works and gets treated with more honor than most random pilots in the corporations of New Eden. Currently Wend can manufacture all tech one items except for advanced station upgrades as well as all tech two and tech three items. He reprocesses all ores at maximum efficiency and can invent or reverse engineer anything. As a pilot, Wend’s skills are lacking, but he does have some basic skills with mining and scanning ships.

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