A Second Class Blue Blood

In his language, his name Paynus Maiassus is actually a noble and eloquent moniker, and only in the galactic trade tongue is does it sound like “pain in the ass,” although there are many who would find this description appropriate. Paynus is definitely someone who likes to get things done, occasionally without regard to whom his actions effect, but most often he is an affable fellow. Born on the remote planet of Arzieh II in the more lawless regions of the Khanid Kingdom, Paynus is not himself Khanid or even True Amarr, but rather a descendant of a once great family of Ni-Kunni holders who moved there from the Mishi system nearly a century earlier in order to claim lands and slaves. Over the decades, the Maiassus family, a rarity among the Ni-Kunni for being a family of noble heritage in Amarrian society, gradually married away the purity of its blood and wealth. Into this dynastic forum Paynus was born, something of a crown prince in his clan and a young ruler of nothing truly significant. Desiring to justify his status and reclaim the glory of his household, Paynus jumped at the opportunity afforded him by his ability to become a capsuleer, and took to the stars to forge his path.

Paynus has always been a man fascinated with the various lifestyles, languages, and cultures present in the immense galaxy of New Eden. He is a natural connoisseur of everything from technology to wine and food, and speaks a half-dozen languages fluently. He is particularly fond of most things Minmatar, having had good relations with his family’s Minmatar slaves from his youth and having long been in love with a dark and beautiful Brutor slave of his house. As a result, he flies Minmatar ships better than those of the Amarr and other races. Mixing his familiarity with the freighters and jump freighters of the galaxy with a grand aptitude for trade, commerce, and management has caused Paynus to rise to the level of CEO in more than one capsuleer corporation, and he has been found flying his Fenrir and Nomad into stations and outposts of all the major empires and capsuleer alliances. If you should hear his name mentioned at a bar or a bureau in one of them, try not to laugh. Paynus is a good man to know and a good friend to have. He can make you rich and accomplish many tasks that others would find impossible.

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