A Portrait of a Khanid Capsuleer

Jan Irvam was an average man on the average planet of Khanid Prime when, late in life, he found that he possessed that special something that enabled him to clone his body an infinite number of times, allowing him to enter the special class of the citizens of New Eden’s empires called the immortal capsuleers. The technology required to activate this incredible gift was tightly controlled by the government, however, and in order to claim his elixir of life he would have to become a soldier in an army destined to be shot to pieces again and again, or he could become a capsuleer: a pilot that melds his mind with the ship he flies.

Until this moment, his life had been nondescript if not slightly sad. His children were grown, his wife had left him, and he had been living a life devoid of enthusiasm about his career as a civil servant supporting the cause of uniting his Khanid Kingdom with the Amarrian Empire. With this new opportunity, however, he enrolled in Hedion University to embark on a career as an explorer of the galaxy.

Life certainly didn’t spill into a sea of glory, however, as the lanes between the stars were plied by every sort of psychopathic band of pirates and megalomaniac leaders of this or that ensemble of capsuleers not affiliated with any respectable government or organization. These gangs brazenly called themselves “corporations” and “alliances.” Life on his own would continually prove unsatisfying, and life with others would continually prove downright dangerous. Jan moved from constellation to constellation and group to group, plying the uncharted regions of wormhole space as often as the deepest regions of the “null security” areas of the galaxy. Occasionally he would run a corporation of his own, only to be derailed by the moral bankruptcy and incessant mistrust and infighting of his fellows among the stars. More often he would move from corp to corp learning everything from deep space mining to the odd bit of manufacturing for the myriad war machines of the grand coalitions of nullsec. Then there was the “forever war” of nullsec’s largest coalitions. A veteran of the death of the great coalition of the Solar Fleet and a participant in the implosion of the immense Honeybadger Coalition, Jan became along the way an extremely accomplished pilot of every frigate in the galaxy, particularly those vessels designed to deal death from behind a cloak of invisibility.

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