An Admiral in the Stars

The rumor is that immortality was not a new thing for Coman Saraki. For many decades, people had talked of sighting or encountering a stoic wanderer on the immense plains of Silen II’s northern continent, traveling from place to place on his Narth. Early in YC 105, for reasons no one knows, this wanderer appeared at the doors of the Dai Lai corporation’s naval recruiting centers. He identified himself as Coman, an Adept of the Saraki monks who had been thought to have been extinct for 200 years. He said he was interested in the utilization of cloning and cybernetic technology to create the new squadrons of “capsuleers” that were being developed in order to liberate Caldari Prime from the Gallente Federation.

Being found a suitable candidate, he was accepted into the Caldari Navy and was forged into a pilot who could become one with his ship mentally and physically. He rarely spoke, and carried himself at all times with discipline and reservation, but his skill at commanding starships as if they were parts of his own body was unmatched. Being able to deftly control the giant behemoths of the navy that other pilots could scarcely move, Coman would rise to being a great hero of the war against the Gallente, being assigned to pilot the great capital and supercapital ships of the campaign.

After the war, he abruptly disappeared from mainstream society only to turn up nearly a decade later at a station in the Ghesis system where he would make the acquaintance of another capsuleer, Jan Irvam. From the beginning Coman was fascinated by this strange character claiming to be a devout follower of the Amarr God while possessing every character defect known to man and living from tragedy to tragedy in a life of utter calamity. The two would become fast friends, and Jan’s adventures would consistently draw Coman back into piloting warships time and time again. Eventually Coman would spend most of his days flying a jump freighter for Jan and the fellowship of friends that would grow around him. Often Coman feels the urge to retreat again from human society, but every time, something keeps him close to Jan and the fellowship. Lately that something is the beautiful Akana Caderu, the enigmatic and brilliant Jin-Mei pilot for whom he has formed a genuine and passionate love.

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