The Fixer

Ever since she was young, Leyne had a rebellious heart. While studying advanced starship design at the university, she quickly joined the Dissenters, that counterculture within Caldari society that advocated not only different business models, but also different lifestyles than the rigid, megacorporation dominated society of the Caldari State at large. It was no wonder then, when out of nothing more than a desire to anger her father, she started an affair with an older, rugged instructor who had been contracted to teach her the basic methods used by capsuleers to pilot starships with their minds. At first, the relationship with this old capsuleer of questionable birth was nothing serious, but ultimately she would be captivated by this enigmatic Khanid’s strange views on religion and his unusual understanding of morality, which emphasized the doing of justice above normative behavior. Also, her heart bled for the man’t personal anguish at having the desire to do good, but who so often did evil.

Over time, the young woman began to see herself as the tormented man’s mother, despite her being nearly two decades his junior in age. While she was drawn by his ideals, she was torn by his behaviors, and especially watching him suffer the consequences of them. Upon graduation, she followed her lover to work for a trade and manufacturing corporation run by capsuleer friends of his. There she met an incredible ensemble of human talent, from the Minmatar slave who was a genius with starship technology and every feat of engineering and industry, to the charismatic and energetic Ni-kunni CEO with the funny name who was a paragon of all things trade and market related. From these people she would learn to become an excellent trader in her own right, supporting her lover, Jan Irvam, in his explorations and projects deep into the unknown parts of space. Eventually, Jan’s own tormented ideals would lead him to take up the cause of the Brave Collective in the galactic south in their war against the vile Pandemic Legion. Many nights she would think of him down there, dying every day, hoping that some failure of cloning technology would not kill him for good.

Then Leyne would hear of the brutal defeat of the Collective and their move across the galaxy to the Fountain region. Not able to accept that she would never see him again, she made it a point to find him. She looked far and wide for her needle in a haystack, despairing that she would never find him. Amazingly, it was completely outside of the galaxy that she would get her first clue, in the strange system of Thera. There, by some miracle, she would meet a rather sinister individual who claimed to have flown with him long ago and who had plans to fly with him again. The shady capsuleer was Seraph IX Basarab, a space assassin of extremely poor reputation who ran a corp of cloaky pilots that raided and killed all over the Galaxy by traveling through wormholes. In hopes of eventually finding Jan, she would join his band, the Hades Effect, and follow him to Fountain where he would work with Jan in executing Letters of Marque for the the Collective’s leader, the unstoppable Lychton Kondur.

However, ages would go on without any sign of Jan. During that time, Seraph and his assassin network would eat its way into Leyne’s soul. She changed from a star struck lover to a trader in the black markets and a salesman of illegal performance enhancing drugs that she would manufacture from rare materials found in Fountain’s Pegasus constellation. She gained a reputation among the pirates as the corp’s ‘fixer’ – someone who could obtain and produce anything they needed. Some time later, she would finally meet her man, as Jan and Seraph planned Seraph’s program of attacking the Collective’s enemies from the shadows. Shortly after meeting, the pair were yet again separated by betrayal and lies resulting in Jan’s branding as a criminal and banishment to yet another region of space. Leyne therefore left Seraph’s group and struck out once again alone. Now, though, all vestiges of her innocence had fled her. She was a black marketeer now, trading information and products throughout the galaxy.

Leyne Rin’s Eveboard

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