Just Awful

Among Mittens’ diatribes against Eve players stand his comments that Goon forums are superior to the Reddit. I am no fan of the Reddit. However, the Something Awful forums are by no means superior to the Reddit, and in my opinion are substantially worse.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.56.48 AM

This image is difficult to read. Click here for an Imgur that is easier to make out.

12 thoughts on “Just Awful

  1. Your drive by shit posting in that e/n thread has generated some laffos. But if you are serious about banning your account, why don’t you read the rules and see how to ban your account?


    • The rules don’t actually tell you how to ban yourself. There is only the section to the left of the posts that says “don’t use these tags” for an unsuspecting user to learn the hard way that using the tags bans you. I picked up on that from a comment I saw and auto banned myself. The rules only tell you how to give them more money and encourage quality content posting (which is clearly not enforced).


  2. From an earlier post of yours: “You’ve been taught that harvesting tears is the zenith of the game.” Somethingawful.com is a comedy website. Goons have been trolling this and other games for years and years. Your posts on SA and in your blog here (which they have found by the way) is your tears, and they are celebrating having made you ragequit their forum. Just FYI.


    • I am an adult. They are not. I got rid of my account because I’m incompatible with the culture of those forums. I wrote this post because I wanted people to know that SA is far baser than the Reddit, and far worse than the worst aspects of /r/Eve. They are more than welcome to make as much from my 2 days there as they want. I don’t care in the slightest. I signed up because I was interested in Mittens’ claims that the Reddit was immature and that their forums were better. This was yet another falsehood. I was curious about the Goon culture based on the showing that DJ has been making. I decided to check it out. I was able to confirm that Goons are indeed what they are made out to be. There is nothing left for me to do there. So I unsubbed. They can call it rage quit if they want and think they are great because they made me rage quit if they want. I don’t see things that way, but I am certainly not entertaining a plan to try to get through to Goons. As you said, Goons are trolls. There’s no point in engaging with that, and I don’t see myself posting there.

      Yes, I know my website has been found. My traffic is booming. Goons have been commenting all day. Yours is a rare one I haven’t deleted.


    • I wrote an e-mail to SA support requesting an account deletion. If you’d like to write them too, be my guest. Otherwise, I am glad you’re enjoying them.


  3. Thank you for the incredibly hilarious collection of posts. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on SA in a while.

    You should re-register and post more. There are already tons of goons clamoring for you to be unbanned.


    • Huh. Really? I’ll think about it. In Eve I’m actually doing some covops stuff with a Goon in Pandemiv Horde, and I just started hanging around with some ElitistOps guys yesterday.


      • I don’t give any shits about boring-ass MMOs or anything like that. It’s your other posts that were comedy gold.


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