BB74: The Most Important Reveal at Fanfest Was……

This post from the Nosy Gamer.

I didn’t go to Fanfest this year, nor have I ever been, nor will I probably ever go. I am considering going to Eve Vegas, as it’s not too far from me, but travel to Iceland is probably a bit too much. Normally, though, I watch all the streams and videos of Fanfest and its various keynotes. I didn’t do that this year, as I got the feeling that there were a lot of presentations about things that we knew the broad strokes about, and the details would come out as they became relevant. It seemed that a lot was accomplished at this year’s Fanfest in the roundtable discussions, and I am reading about some of those in various places. One of the roundtables was attended by Noisy, and was described in the blog post that I linked above. It was quite interesting to me, not only for the reasons that he talked about, but because I had also read this article.

These two sources gave me an idea of what we can expect from the future of warfare in Eve Online. Recently on an episode of the Meta Show, Mittens claimed exuberantly that because Lenny was responsible for his travails, the MBC did not have an inexhaustible war chest, so his tactic of wearing out the MBC would be successful. Now it would seem that Lenny makes hundreds of billions of ISK per month as an IWI banker in addition to whatever he makes doing other stuff in Eve. There are a lot of IWI bankers. 12 of them got banned. According to Noisy, those 12 should have been banned, but were let off the hook for some reason. I would wager that some sort of deal was struck in which the offending bankers were allowed back into the game if they promised not to RMT (and be subjected to close scrutiny), but rather actually spend their ISK in New Eden.

Now when you can buy a couple of Titans a month in Eve, there really isn’t much left to spend your money on. Eep openly mocked this fact by spending $30,000 worth of ISK on skill injectors to inject every skill in the game to level 5. And when you’re doing that, you really don’t have anything in New Eden that you can get excited about buying. Except Pandemic Legion. Except the MoneyBadgers. Yeah, I suppose the IWI crew could build themselves a Palatine Keepstar, but after that, what’s next? The mega rich of Eve need something they can spend their money on month to month. The only thing that really fits the bill is a coalition.

Now I really don’t know what the deal is with the MBC. I joined Horde to fight the Goons, and I hope we keep doing so. However, I’m quite liking it, and I doubt I’d leave if we stopped. In my last post I actually advocated a looser MBC that engaged in blueshooting (of blues who aren’t really blues, of course) in order to diversify content. Truly, though, the front is fairly unified. PL of course came to the aid of my alliance over the last couple of days, but so did NC., which is never a guarantee (although could be deemed likely due to their friendship with PL). However, Darkness. also turned up for fighting. The MBC could be a bit tighter than a lot of people expect, though I for one don’t know the details.

Frankly, the game plan of the MBC isn’t really talked about or known clearly. If, however, the ultra rich of Eve, particularly the IWI crew, continue to be involved and continue to spend their money on the MBC, Mittens could find himself facing an enemy that looks fractious and disengaged at one moment, then suddenly reforms with newfound dedication, unity, and Goon hate seemingly spawned out of nowhere for some unknown reason (read: money).

Sure, PL and PH could be dispersed, only to be replaced by some other group that the IWI crew have paid to play entosis in Fade and Pure Blind. Mittens really won’t win with his plan to wear down Horde. His best chance at winning is to get IWI off his rear, and preferably paying his allies. It seems there are a lot of people that are astoundingly rich in ISK, and CCP is directing them to pay people to fight. When a few of these people get together with a mind to accomplish something, they can apparently shake things up a bit. The old Leonard Cohen lyric comes to mind: I’ve seen the future, and it is murder. An even older line from Paul of Tarsus comes off the tongue as well: the love of money is the root of all evil.

Gevlon Goblin quit the game because he thought broker fees and a Palatine Keepstar were going to create an unassailable bloc, and that ruined the game for him. Well, apparently that group has already been here for a while: I Want ISK. Whoever runs New Jita, if there ends up being one, will just be another Lenny or another Eep Eep. So the good news is that Gevlon’s doomsday has already come and we’ve still been enjoying the game. That’s why I backed off of my initial terror pertaining to the increase of broker fees, which still may come. The bad news, though, is that we are only just now learning who New Eden’s apex predators are.

2 thoughts on “BB74: The Most Important Reveal at Fanfest Was……

  1. Having a new power house in the game will always be interesting, but its when these powers collide that the game will change again. Maybe the high rollers will just sit in the shadows manipulating who is blue to who, and who will be at war this month. Burn Jita will have nothing on Burn “Insert random alliance/coalition” but they should always have an agenda and an expected outcome, which can last far more than one week.

    The bankers were unbanned from IWI due to there being at least 1 dodgy banker, whose ISK had also been a part of the other bankers ISK. There was an investigation by CCP who I assume had thouroughly looked into the logs and evidence submitted.

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  2. You know, I have been thinking about this post and your comment for a while, and have considered responding for a while, and will just go ahead and do so. Admittedly the idea of a CCP lead conspiracy is flimsy. The connection could make for a good tale. Noizy’s post is actually an enigma, and I suppose there could be some sort of connections, but it’s the realm of grade A tinfoil at best, or just bullshit at worst. That’s why I want to comment. The article on Lenny pretty clearly shows a natural development coming mostly from Lenny, who has been crusading to drum up content since he was supporting Brave against PL and BL, and a quite natural and well understood spat between IWI and SMA. The reason I wanted to link the ban scandal with WW Bee, however, is one of conceptual significance. I wanted to accomplish a few things with this post:

    1 – I wanted to establish a precedent for CCP to take care of potentially influential players with power to do good for the game.

    2 – I wanted powerful players with potential to do good for the game to consider spending ISK in the game and doing good for the game rather than just doing nothing or RMTing. If you can affect the game, do so, and CCP may just value you and help you out and take you seriously if you step in doodoo at some point.

    3 – I wanted to inform players that ultra powerful blocs are alright for the game and the game lives on, and in fact benefits from them, in order to counter some of the fears that Gevlon spread with his doom about a New Jita cartel.

    Given that I wanted to send these messages, it seemed cool to link what seems to be a possible case of preferential treatment of certain players with the wonders of the war in the north. Now I do occasionally get into tinfoil posts. I also very commonly post about topics without inside information, just looking at them from the perspective of any old thoughtful Eve player. Most of my posts have a reasonable and analytical style, though, and while I may foray into propaganda and all, I don’t outright purposely lie. Since I wrote this post I’ve wanted to make a comment about this, as when I wrote it I basically didn’t think that there was any sort of conspiracy, and have wondered if I had gone too far and basically spouted bullshit that I knew was bullshit. I think I will check myself against this sort of thing in the future, as I don’t really want to lose credibility by linking things together that we can all kinda tell aren’t really linked because I want to present a range of ideas.

    So there it is. Yeah, I’m glad you found value in the post. And sure, Noizy may or may not have been onto something with his comments about the IWI banker bans, and whether or not the investigation was all wire tight or not, it’s really unlikely that CCP mobilized Lenny and IWI to bring down Goons. However, I do sincerely hope that when trillionaires do wind up dealing with Team Security, they are taken seriously, perhaps given mercy, so long as they make good by making our game good. That’s really what I wanted to get across.

    So this comment is a couple of weeks after the fact, but it’s been bugging me.


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