Steady State Operations

The war is over. The war has just begun. There are a few things that I want to touch on with this post. To some degree I’ll talk a bit about what has happened, but here I’d like to talk mainly about the road ahead in terms of the war against the Goons and the future of the MoneyBadgers. Apparently, the Goons do want that space anyway, and there are some things we can expect, and some things we should think about.

So the Goons lost. They’ll say they didn’t, but they did. They made a lot of bad decisions. By actually committing to a defense they could have kept morale higher, even while losing, and would have avoided a lot of what they are doing now. Their choice to become NPC trash and attack from lowsec was not really borne out of a rational approach of how to tackle the war, but rather they were just tired of defending. They will say, though, that they have not yet begun, or are just now beginning. That much, at least, is true. They are climbing up Pure Blind towards their home. As they do so, they are taking space, and that space will have to be defended, at least to a degree. They are still going to have to deal with being hell camped, just as yesterday’s battle of O1Y where they were camped into a POS has shown.

They are still going to lose systems, as Horde has shown by reclaiming systems Goons had recently taken. There is no way out of the whackamole, and the order of march in Fozziesov is about determining which moles you can actually whack. As Citadels hit the game and new options for projecting and deploying become available, both sides will have to think outside of the box concerning conquering space and what their battle objectives should look like. This sounds like an idea for a future blog post, but suffice it to say that here we are in uncharted territory, and there will be a lot of fun to be had in terms of innovating and rethinking how we wage war.

Another thing that we should also be rethinking is our concept of a coalition. The MBC has already taken steps along this path by calling itself a coalition, even though parties often don’t even bother to set themselves blue, and various groups in the coalition are driven by different motives, cash and Goon hate being chief among them. As a line member in Horde, I can’t say I really know what my alliance’s long term plans are. There is a lot of taking things as they go, I imagine. This fact is used by the Goons in their spin. They want to ‘break’ the coalition, and some of our members seem to be thinking in terms of ‘we have to stand unified in order to not be broken.’

I’d actually like to take issue with this outmoded concept of a coalition because if it prevails, then the MBC is as vulnerable to a failscade as the CFC. If there is disunity, the MBC can be perceived as vulnerable, and if there are losses, elements of the MBC, whether players or corps or alliances, can be tempted to jump ship. However, as mentioned above, the MBC has a number of motives. Cash, content, and Goon hate are certainly there, but there is also a strong belief among many MBC parties that the blue donut is bad for the game. If the MBC replaces the CFC blue north with the MBC blue north, the MBC has actually lost one of its objectives.

Because I do not want a blue donut in the north, and because Fozziesov includes an element of hell war that the Goons are bent on inflicting upon themselves and others, I’d like to throw some thoughts out there about the war and the MBC. Now apparently, privately, various Goon FCs and Mittens himself are going around calling people crying and saying that they aren’t having any fun and we need to be nice to them, give them gudfights, and otherwise be buddy buddy with them after we have had to deal with the brunt of them being out to ruin our game for years. In my opinion this should be treated as more metagaming. Further, there has been no public change in policy. Above board, they meant to lose, and their approach to winning is just to make everybody miserable. I’d personally like to oblige them. No gudfights for Goons. No quarter. That’s what they’ve always dished out. Let’s return the favor.

We do, however, enjoy breaks from the whackamole. They aren’t going to form for any meaningful fight anyway. In Horde, our guys had great fun with TEST the other day. Everybody was bored, so we blew each other up. Darkness and TEST are running around in our space constantly. I don’t really so much mind. From what I have seen from Horde, we do a better job of sticking to the NRDS policy than our neighbors, and I actually wouldn’t mind changing that. If there’s anything I don’t like about Darkness and TEST bugging around in our space it’s that we aren’t bugging around in theirs. It would be nice if Horde’s weekly schedule involved some small scale entosis operations going on constantly, some large scale entosis operations going on weekly, but then some good old fashioned camping and roaming in there as well so that this war involves some actual fighting.

I’d like to liken the north to the state of feudal Japan during the Chinese Yuan dynasty. At that time, every lord in Japan was fighting against every other constantly in their own version of historical real life forever war. But when the Chinese showed up to invade, they all got together and repelled them. As soon as the invasion was blunted, they went straight back to fighting each other as before. And when the Chinese invaded again, the same hing happened. I’d like to see the MBC evolve into something like that: when you’ve got a big fight coming up, just bat phone your enemies.

Naturally there are some difficulties that will be involved with this. Do we take each other’s moons? What exactly is the MBC’s objective? How do we define an awox? Some of these things should actually be discussed among alliance leaders. Some things should just evolve naturally as unspoken understandings. I can’t really ramble on about all this sort of stuff. I can only say that leaders in the MBC should have some sort of commitment to sticking together on some level, but should always be wary of creating a new blue donut.

I’d like to end the post with just a couple of things on the table. Distinguish between war and fighting. Make sure you have both. Don’t try to make the war against the Goons fun. Don’t let them have that. They say they aren’t interested in it anyway. Fighting in Eve is fun. Make sure you have that. If we make the MBC like the CFC there won’t be any targets to have fun with, there will be only Goons.

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