A Beautiful Mind

I just saw the Meta Show today with CrassKitty as the guest. She is a new Eve player and streamer who has apparently been interviewing various Eve famous people, alliance leaders, and whatnot. During this episode, she didn’t get to ask but maybe a question or two, and conversely, she was asked a few questions at various points during the show but otherwise didn’t really have much to do with the episode at all. Also Laz, made a comment or two during the show, but for the vast majority of the episode he basically stared at his feet or into space. This particular show was pretty much a non-stop stream of conscious mental ejaculation from Mittens. Now Goonfolk are apparently wrecked if they participate in the real world war of words concerning the things that bee happenin’ up north, so this was actually pretty close to my first full-scale exposure to what the big goon is trying to say. Honestly, I was shocked. I was also provided with a wealth of psychological information about their fearful leader. I’d like to impart that information.

First, a little supporting data. A narcissist is in many ways a normal human where psychological processes develop to an unhealthy degree. Technically narcissism is a form of neurosis, that category of disorders involving extremes of degree, as opposed to psychosis, which centers upon detachment from reality, although in the case of the Mittens we can see a lot of detachment from reality. Essentially what Narcissism is, is a failure to compensate for weakness. We all have weaknesses, and we all compensate for them. The toughest SPECOPS soldiers are those who feel an extreme need to be able to kill anyone they see, as they have a need to be seen as strong, and to be able to protect themselves and others, who they are afraid are in danger.

This may seem an unflattering characterization of our greatest heroes and protectors, but I am just trying to illustrate how our weaknesses drive our strengths. The most social people are those who are afraid of being alone, the the most charitable people are those who are afraid of being seen as lacking character, the most powerful people are those who are afraid they are too weak, etc. It’s just psychology. In the case of a narcissist, though, the person has a very extreme level of self-hatred, of feeling unlovable, and very strong insecurities that they feel they need to hide and compensate for to a massive degree. They create a false self that has no flaws, always succeeds, can do anything, has done everything, etc. They must reassure themselves that those around them believe this false self to be true. This need becomes so strong that narcissists really don’t see other people as people. They don’t bond with them empathically.

The term for those around the narcissist is actually not a human term at all, but a “narcissistic supply source.” When you meet this guy who has been to every country in the world and done everything there is to do in life and succeeded in every way one can in life, you may be tempted to really like this guy. You become a supply source for his narcissism. You feed him the self-esteem that he doesn’t really have by buying his story. That’s really what you are to him. Assurance that he is okay. However, sooner or later you are going to find out that he hasn’t really been everywhere and done everything, and he is not really invincible. Probably because you are catching wind of the lies you are being told about going to that prestigious college in Serbia that burned down and can’t provide ¬†transcripts or whatever. When the narcissist becomes afraid that you’re not buying his story, he turns on you. You will have a strong enemy who will do and say anything to bring you down. That’s where we seem to be on the Metashow today.

As I watched, I honestly wondered if Mittens were on drugs. Laz was quite relaxed. CrassKitty, the newbean, was pretty chill. But not old Alex. He just couldn’t stop ranting. Now I’ve always been one who believed that salt adds flavor, have written some inflammatory stuff myself, and have always loved Eve because the opportunity to really psychologically invest in things that happen in the game. I’m a bit of an “Eve is real” guy. But I really started to stress out watching Mittens go on and on today. He didn’t seem stable, and I wanted to take him by the hand and tell him to calm down, this is a game we’re talking about here.

The guy seems to be taking /r/Eve way too seriously. He commented several times that everybody thought he was evil no matter what he says, and proceeded to lay absolutely thick condemnation upon everybody not directly behind him. I take it he never plans on being friends with Gorski Carr or DurrHurrHurr, and he made several comments about his foes being horrible people. At the same time, he devoted quite a bit of time to talking about how great Eve was because you can scam people and prided his alliance on teaching people how to scam. It seems to him that opposing him in a war, and people actually plotting in a clandestine way about ways to defeat him, is a wholly morally unacceptable position, but scamming and being a space Hitler is just great. I dunno, in my mind, doing dirty against a war opponent is morally higher ground than just scamming any innocent sucker.

There was an incredible lack of consistency in his vitriol. Again, everyone against him was pure evil because they plotted against him, and he is perfect, despite his being evil, which really isn’t evil, or some such nonsense. His rhetoric was inconsistent. His memes, Band of Backstabbers and the like, indicate an approach of taking moral high ground, but minutes later he is talking about scamming being the highpoint of Eve. Why should we all hate Co2 for backstabbing him (if we grant him his wish of seeing them as backstabbing him rather than just seeing the light) if according to his ideal of Eve, they did a great thing by backstabbing him? He, after all, rose to prominence by backstabbing BoB? I mean if you’re going to be a space Hitler, if you’re going to build a false self of being Eve’s ultimate backstabber, what’s with the whole Band of Backstabbers Co2 is evil for their betrayal stuff?

You could see the fragile psychology holding itself together by the insistence on terminology. “We’re not going to buy into their frame,” he says. Mittens would whelp a hundred Titans before he lets anyone call this war World War Bee.

Finally, there was the ultimate contradiction of distain for new players who won’t have the resolve to fight a defensive war, while Goonswarm is the original noobie alliance who loves the new player. The eve player base is immature and base, while he is apparently of an older, more civilized generation. Of course the whole show was him ranting nonstop like some kind of a foul-mouthed fourth grader, talking as much trash as he can about everybody.

None of this would inspire confidence in me if I were a Goon. This guy is not playing a game. It’s his livelihood. His livelihood depends on everybody buying the false self that the Imperium is unbeatable. His logos and videos don’t make sense if all 20,000 of his people are crammed into Saranen. People are walking on him, not believing the false self anymore. So he has to ratchet things up. He has to trash people as morally repugnant and uncivilized demons for attacking him – in a game of space pixels where groups are supposed to attack each other. In the end, he was exuberantly insisting, ‘I was right! The conspiracy I said was happening was happening! See! I’m not a maniac! Everybody is out to get me!” Like no shit, moron, you’re at war. You just come off like an unhinged maniac.

My advice, Mittens, is to tone it down. You’re actually letting on that deep down inside you know your gig is falling apart. And the way you’re playing it is not inspiring. Take a Xanax. Or a Rufie. It will make the date rape so much more pleasurable for everybody. Take it from a PTSD vet. If this kind of stuff goes on for too long you won’t ever be able to get back to normal. You might even have to get a real job.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind

  1. Minus the rather disturbing image this was a fantastic read. A really good look inside the mind of Mittens is something most of r/eve would have a field day with.

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