For the Horde!

I’ve long thought that winding up as a member of the BoB Chamber could be a realistic possibility for me, though I suppose I expected to eventually join the NC. side of the house. There are a few reasons for that, really. Long before I started blogging, when I was a relatively new player, the Goons grew me into their enemy, and when I found myself a member of the CFC in the Get Off My Lawn alliance, it was with some reservation. I didn’t stay long there because I wanted to do some industry that was going to be difficult to do there with them in Delve, and I left after a short time even though I quite enjoyed fighting under Basil and Eingang Vulpine. I would not settle down among the ranks of the Goons, though. That much I knew. Down the road, as I considered an eventual life as a supercapital pilot in one of the older alliances, I thought I would make my way towards NC. because a good friend of mine, actually my first friend and mentor in Eve, is currently over there. Also, while I didn’t know Tiberius Stargazer while I was in Brave, I flew in his fleets on several occasions and liked him. He also stuck up for me when I was getting lambasted by the Bearded Battle Bears during my unceremonious end with the HERO coalition. There were a couple of other reasons I looked toward NC. as well, such as the cool times with Christopher Berg of NC. late into the night when I was upgrading my system as a renter in Northern Alliance. And finally, there was that awesome day when some jackasses from Darwinism. were popping cynos in Chamemi preventing anyone from moving through, so I called in some buddies in Caracals to clear them off the station so we could light cynos, and when the jerks were gone we all lit and a half dozen NC. carriers jumped in and then waited in space off the station for my cyno to finish. I forgot to go red and ended up getting stuck for a second cycle, and the NC. carriers waited with me until the second cycle was done before docking up. I thought that was damned cool.

However, for me, the idea of hooking up with an old school supercap alliance is still a long way away, as I don’t plan on getting my super for at least another year. On top of that, my time in FW has been very fun and super educational, and I really had no plan to leave the Bleak Lands any time soon. Originally moving to FW with the hopes of getting some FC experience, I ended up going in completely the opposite direction and getting totally hooked on solo PvP. For the last couple of weeks, though, I’ve been taken some time off my main and been running incursions on an alt to make some quick ISK to reach an industry goal without having to liquidate considerable market stocks. During that time, hell has broken loose in New Eden, and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to ride the twister. Earlier in my Eve career I detested the Goonswarm with a Gevlonesque passion, though that salt has lost its savor, and I even supported their kickstarter for the sake of good lore (before I read the draft chapter and realized it would have been bad lore). World War Bee is looking to be to be a temptation I can’t resist, though, and at this point I want to fight against the Goons not so much because of some inner rage as because I think the CFC has run its course. It’s just time for them to go, and it seems that the moment where this is going to happen has truly arrived. But more on that later.

For the immediate, I’d have to consider just how to get myself into this war, and I talked to a number of friends about what to do. My primary issue is that I feel a bit like Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back, called away to do something awesome before my training is complete. I think I’ve graduated from Paragon of Suck to Possibility of Not Hopelessly Bad when it comes to solo PvP and don’t quite want to wind up in my final home in Eve until I’ve come back to complete my adventure in solo factional warfare. So I considered places where I could hitch a ride for a good fight, and for the last day or so I have been in Pandemic Horde as my new home. Now as a member of the PanFam I have indeed joined forces with the Children of BoB, but not in a path that I had considered before. While it is quite possible, actually likely, that the distant future after this war involves another home, I am open to all possibilities. From what I have seen so far, the Horde is super well run. There are a number of my ex-Braves here, and I do look forward to again flying alongside newbros as the grease that makes a good fighting force great. It was an interesting choice for me, as someone who loves the taste of salt and faced PL in Catch as they formed the Horde from the blood of my alliance’s wounds in HED-GP. Lately, though, one can’t deny that PL has been doing good for the game, and I think I’ll learn a lot from this leg of my Eve journey.

So I am off to kill the Goons with my new family. But more on that later.


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