Not Twiddling My Thumbs

So I haven’t posted anything regularly in a few months. Not that I particularly think that the Eve community cares what I’m up to in the game, but one of the reasons I started this blog was to chronicle a bit of my personal adventures so that those who consider recruiting or otherwise playing the game with me will know my story. Therefore, I just thought I’d throw a post on the blog since I haven’t written in a while just saying what I’m up to. I’ll also end with a bit of rambling about the good things on the horizon in the game.

So for me, I had a number of real life changes occur that are still going on. I basically took the summer off as a result. My experiment with starting a corp didn’t really work, and was probably a knee-jerk reaction to all my drama in Brave. Even though I said above that I am not Eve famous or anything, I am actually the reason why people talk about being “triggered” by Eve, LOL. I am happy to have had the opportunity to make my little contribution to the culture! Anyway, my real life is still fairly unstable, and I have not started up any massive industrial or economic projects, nor have I committed to any social group. I don’t expect to do so until sometime next year. However, I have returned, and been back for a bit over a month. I’ve just been doing low-key PvE in highsec, getting standings and doing Cosmos missions, and I hope to have some fun with the events CCP is putting together as I am able. When I am able to return to my more committed play style, I may well get back with GCLUB, though I could check with various friends and start up some other venture if anyone has any good ideas. So that’s basically my story. I’m back, but not really engaging. I wouldn’t say I am just twiddling my thumbs, though.

Now CCP definitely hasn’t been twiddling their thumbs. They say they have plans for the Rorqual, but are checking on the feasibility of it. I suspect they are working on some kind of a structure to put in a mining belt so the Rorqual can boost while moored. Or tethered, as they are now calling it. Fozzie Sov sov has been tweaked a few times, and looks like it is working as intended, a solid success. I was a bit shocked and dismayed by all the stuff that was said in reaction to the capture mechanic and its overall dismal reception. My takeaway from it is that CCP is trying to innovate too much, and the player culture is really only capable of so much change at once. People say they don’t want the blob, but the players resist its demise as much as possible. People told CCP they wanted occupancy sov, but they expected this to mean bonuses for defenders (aka ratters). Nobody really expected a system that rewarded those who live in their space by making space harder to defend. After a few cycles of tweaking, though, it seems like trolling problems have been handled alright. I’ll have to find out in earnest when I return to sov next year.

The next big hit to the blob looks like it could come with these new Command Destroyers. Now Fozzie would always talk about “dials” that he could tweak. Well, these things aren’t so much a tweak, but an entirely new dial. With the right adjustments to the jump drive cycle time and radius, and speed, signal strength, and sig radius of these ships, they could wind up being anything from blob damagers to blob destroyers. In addition to tactics such as pulling a fleet’s logi away (and bubbles and all the stuff mentioned), I have thought that a pair of them could jump into an enemy fleet and then jump out with part of that fleet, effectively slicing it in half. These things could really do a lot to kill blob warfare if players can think up tactics and CCP adjusts stats to open paths to tactical options. My only concern, though, like with Fozzie Sov, is that the player base might not be able to actually tolerate the death of the blob that they disparage. We will only see.

Other good news is the tethering, which will have a nice effect of eliminating shooting cyno ships. I campaigned a bit about removing station cyno ships, but with some subscriber losses at the beginning of the summer, implementing a mechanic that will result in the cancellation of a bunch of cyno alt subscriptions might not be a good idea at this time. So a safe zone around a citadel will be a good compromise. I hope that NPC stations in null and lowsec will also have safe zones to keep the cyno ships alive. They should be able to be shot in combat and tactical situations, but having to replace a cyno every time you jump a JF is just an annoyance.

The Gallente Navy EWAR frigates will put a hurting on the DSTs, but won’t kill them, and will really help a lot with the warp stabbed faction warfare plexers, and a new line of brawling frigates are going to be a nice addition. Also, though the new ice mining frigate is touted as intended for the frigate wormholes, my hope is that they will provide options for lowsec ice mining. The highsec fields are always crowded, but lowsec ice mining is really not a reasonable option with the current ships. I’m actually quite excited about the Discovery. It is one ship I will be toying with while I putter around empire space.

The capital ship balances look very, very cool. I am not enough of an expert to really get involved with the subreddit and working group and all that. I do think less than 2K DPS for dreadnoughts will be too low. 3K sounds reasonable. The Doomsdays sound amazingly cool, but very scary, and should really be thought out. Those things have broken the game in the past. I hope they don’t do so again. Everything else, from the high angle guns, the Force Auxiliaries, the expanded number of modules for caps, the difficulty refitting, the love for the Nidhoggur, and just about everything I can remember from what I’ve read sound like excellent ideas. I am really looking forward to this overhaul!

Finally, I was glad to see CCP get some investment and is doing some reposturing to present itself as committed to VR gaming. VR could take off quickly or slowly, but it is definitely the future. It looks to me that as CCP has aged, the creativity of the game designers is matched by some innovative business operations. Valkyrie may or may not take the galaxy by storm, but orienting the company toward VR gaming with an intent to create VR shooters and expand into other projects like Gunjack really bolsters my confidence.

Now while Jan is an Amarr loyalist and in game is and will be anti-Imperium and Grr Goon, I am glad CCP and Mittens are working together to give us a new book! This one looks to be very cool, the first effort to really integrate player history with Eve lore since True Stories. I pushed a bit for player contribution to lore advancement, and I am so glad these guys are doing it.  I just haven’t seen this kind of stuff in support of a video game before, and look forward to reading!

Overall, I am really looking forward to 2016 and beyond with Eve and CCP!


Fly safe!

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