Today we have the third and final installment of my trilogy of posts about my ordeal with the HERO Coalition (the first two are Cancer and Chemo). My drama is over. It’s actually been over for some days, consisting only of my hanging around the Brave subreddit dogging them about the error of their ways until I was finally temporarily banned a couple of days ago as a part of their general annoyance at being reminded of the ordeal. Their reactions were typical, showing utterly no cognition of the idea that framing someone with a false real life threat in order to get rid of a potential nuisance to the Bearded BattleBears was in any way wrong. Their posts were simple ‘get over it’ and ‘nobody likes you’ crap, complete with anonymous BattleBears advocates and mysterious down votes and the like. Thus ends my ride with Brave, except perhaps for the occasional trolling when I’m in the mood or maybe a mention of them in this or that blog post when discussing how not to do things. They provide good material in that area. I already said my goodbyes a while back, though, and this paragraph is more a final word about my parting rather than any sort of statement to Brave or the BattleBears.

Now a good while before this last few days of radio silence I had already started looking for another home. A number of interesting options presented themselves, among them TEST and BL. Ultimately, though, I came to the conclusion that I really wasn’t ready to join another corp just yet. The thought of actually taking a break from Eve did cross my mind. I just felt leery of entering into another group with an expectation that I would matriculate into the culture and hopefully be able to have the kind of fun I want to as a player without upsetting some bigwig somewhere and getting banned for making a real life threat that was never made. Of course TEST and BL are too classy for that kind of bullshit, but nonetheless I am just not up for a bout of group assimilation at this point. It seemed that some options appeared that would give me possibly director or some significant role set and job duty in corps of people I knew who would be able to insulate me a bit, but those deals ended up not materializing. I also thought of holing up in a solo corp and just playing by myself for a while. I’ve done it before, and there is definitely a time and place for that. Now, though, I still have a bug to do stuff and make a mark. This is a pretty tall order for a guy who doesn’t want to dig into groupthink though. With that in mind, I did some reflecting about how I’d like to play. I remembered that some of the best times I had in Eve were actually when I was building up International Fleet. and Amarrian Merchant Solutions (and her daughter corp, Tech Systems) as CEO and director. I thought about whether I could handle all the work involved in building up a corp and decided I was up for it. I certainly was not up for heading to highsec and starting from scratch, though. Nullsec is just too exciting these days, with changes in everything from ore to sov and structures. What I found, though, is that being just a dude, not a part of any group, makes it nigh impossible to just start up from nothing in null. Nevertheless, I found a way.

So I formed the corp, which I’ve named The Black Cohort. The name, frankly, is a tribute to Black Legion. I have no history or claim of relationship with that alliance at all. However, I’ve been Grr Goon forever, and so are they. I’ve been anti-PL lately, and so are they. I’ve got this love-hate relationship with Brave, which currently is a state of hate, and so do they. Also, I am wanting to continue a lot of the black ops stuff that I was trying to do before I was scurrilously kicked and banned from HERO, and a corp with ‘black’ in the name seemed to fit. Beyond the name choice for the corp, however, I ultimately decided to leave the Fountain scene behind and join up with the GCLUB team. The reason I have decided to do so will actually be a part of another post I plan on writing in fairly short order. There’s an issue that needs to be addressed in Eve social dynamics that GCLUB has addressed for me. I am hopeful that other alliances can address similar needs for similar players in similar ways. This upcoming post will be one of my posts about Eve and the metagame that differs from the ones that I had previously mainly written about mechanics and ships and tactics and whatnot. I plan to continue writing both types of posts in the future, as the metagame posts I’d written about Brave have been rather fun. In addition to this, though, I’ve thought about this practice of writing about the details of my own game. Others do it. Sugar Kyle seems to write quite regularly about her daily activities in Eve and her thoughts about them. For me, this idea of starting a corp up from nothing in the middle of Immensea will be a unique challenge, and I’d like to chronicle the experience, successes and failures and all, for others to emulate or avoid.

So with that, I’ll say that as my era with Brave ends and a new one begins with GCLUB, so will my blog enter a new phase. I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

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