Les Légions

This post will be an intermission from the posts that I have been writing about my own Eve experience. It also will not be one of my posts about game mechanics. It will be a post pertaining to a category that I have been writing more about lately: the metagame. Now since I have no home currently, this would probably not be the best time to write such a post, as I may say something about someone who I’d like to potentially make common cause with that they don’t like me saying. It’s a time sensitive matter, however. I have recently been banned from the HERO coalition and the things I know about its goings on will quickly become out of date. Further, pandemicfiction24.com just wrote an article, linked here, trying to form everyone’s perspective on Fountain, and this article needs to be addressed before people consider it to be true. I’m therefore going to be a bit dangerous and tell people what’s really going on in Fountain.

First, a bit about victory in Eve. Anyone who knows a little bit about psychology has heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It states that if you peel back the layers of individual motivation far enough you will ultimately arrive at the fact that every individual is ultimately motivated by the desire to eat. Above that, every individual is motivated by a desire to have a safe place to eat. Now in Eve, groups’ motivations can also be reduced to a couple of basic needs. The second most fundamental desire of groups in Eve is to gain some form of success in the metagame. Below that, though, the most basic desire of any group in Eve, well in nullsec I will say, is to get kills. I’ll add for good measure that the best kind of kill to get in Eve is a supercapital ship. Such kills are so valuable that earning them actually gains a group a measure of success in the Eve metagame.

Now in the above linked article, a few details are not mentioned about the “origins” of the Fountain situation. First, when HERO was handed the Fountain region, Pandemic Legion was considering coming to Fountain to farm more kills off Brave. Aware of the possibility, Black Legion, long time frienemies of Brave, came to Fountain to try to get kills off Pandemic Legion. Now as Frienemies, and not willing to do nothing and wait, BL decided to create some content and create a situation where the entosis links could be tested by grabbing moons and sov. In the process, BL cut off HERO coalition from convenient access to bring supers and capitals into Fountain. That is the origin of the situation in Fountain. However, the article falsely claims that the current situation in Fountain is a war between Black Legion and HERO, with HERO being the poor underdog, protected only by Kelnon Tealth’s program of enabling capital drops to have some sort of a chance. Nothing could be further from the truth. The future of Fountain will be the war of Pandemic Legion against Black Legion in which Black Legion will be the underdog.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to talk a bit about the state of coalitions in Eve. Eve players are used to megacoalitions like N3 and the CFC. Sslink of GLCUB progressively defined what I would like to call the microcoalition in this address here, which will be the wave of the future as groups like Guardians of the Galaxy Coalition, Vanguard Coalition, and others are showing us. Of course we will have the megacoalition in the form of the Goonperium for a while. There is another form of coalition to consider, however. To describe it, I’ll say that I once heard from an Evangelical Christian that “Satan’s best tactic is convincing everyone he doesn’t exist.” This other type of coalition is one that you won’t see listed on Evelopedia. You’ll have to come up with your own name for it. Maybe Pandemic Kelnon, maybe the HEROic Legion, I don’t know. I would say that they’d call it the Bearded Battlebears Coalition but since PL will be running it, that wouldn’t really be honest. Of course these guys don’t like honesty, so maybe that will in fact be the best name. Now let’s take a look at the members of this coalition:

The Kelnon Collective: we might think of Brave as this numerically superior group of noobs out for funfights. The truth is, the This is Eve trailer is now history. There are a lot of inactives in Brave now, and the majority of the This Is Eve recruits are now a part of Brave’s “15,000” number. Numbers are down. Cap pilots are joining regularly and getting trained up. The remaining noobs are months old. Brave is no longer anti-politics, as Kelnon is calling on Pandemic Legion. Multiple stratops and grinds are the norm. Brave has a few advantages, though. The primary one is that anybody who escalates against Brave will be kicking babies in the teeth. Thou shalt not use what you have against Brave. Check out this Brave propaganda:

Brave Propaganda

Those mean old BL guys are kicking babies in the teeth with their Titans because the babies are now doing the concerted blops campaign that Seraph and Jan thought up before Kelnon kicked them. See how it works? The op, which got one of several carriers and was aborted, was touted as a successful carrier kill that was only thwarted by those mean, nasty baby killers and their supers. Folks, it’s not Lychton’s classy group anymore.

The Pandemic Chodes: these guys are a lot of ex-Braves. They’ll be engaging in a lot of gudfights against Brave to create fun and content to heal old wounds. Eventually they will be fleeting up with Brave to fight against the ‘incredibly powerful’ Black Legion. Together they’ll be providing a lot of dictors for those pesky BL supers. Deployments to Fountain are to be expected, and an eventual relocation is likely.

CCP: these guys will send ISDs to fly around noob systems telling new Eve players to join new player groups like Brave and the Chodes. Unwitting coalition allies.

http://pandemicfiction24.com: will switch gears from calling Brave a worthless alliance with poor leadership to calling Fountain a great place for a newbro to get content in a valiant fight as the underdog against the ultra powerful Black Legion. Whether the newbros join the Kelnon Collective or the Pandemic Chodes won’t matter. See the above linked article for the technique.

Lenny: this guy has already given Kelnon 25 billion for his corp SRP (making his fund larger than Brave’s SRP). He has also ordered 100 dreads from Kelnon in order to give Kelnon capital ships as bait for BL’s supercaps. I was helping to make them because Kelnon’s 21 accounts couldn’t handle the production. Why he chose Kelnon for all this I don’t know. Maybe he thinks Lychton is hindering progress too? I don’t know how much Kelnon is charging him for bulk orders, but Kelnon stated to me in TS that he would be charging Brave 2.7 billion per dread, about 600 million above build cost (rape!), giving that J3B SRP a lot of clout if he is actually selling Lenny 100 dreads at that price.

The Rekking Crew: these guys will be working with the Collective and the Chodes to get a lot of supercap kills. Check this e-mail convo.

So now we know the members of the new coalition. This is the coalition that will be fighting Black Legion and Fountain Core. For research, check out all the members that have left Brave and the Bearded BattleBears for Pandemic Legion and associated groups. Check out how Kelnon wanted a coalition against PL in Catch that Lychton wouldn’t allow directly before the coup that Kelnon organized. Failing that, now that Kelnon’s people are flying with them, why not join forces in order to make Brave the kind of alliance he wants: one that can come under a coalition that can win at the metagame and eventually have a chance of taking on the Goonperium, who kicked him out of Fountain when he was a noob in TEST. You can find out these things on your own without me telling you how all of J3B was ready to walk out on Brave before the coup.

I don’t want to get ranting about Kelnon, though. I just really hate it when bobmon commissions propaganda pieces of general description about Fountain characterizing the region as hosting a war between big, bad Black Legion and poor defenseless Brave while telling all the newbros to head to Fountain. PL is farming BL for supercap kills by proxy. Thats the future of Fountain.

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