It’s been a relaxing couple of days for me. The cancer is gone from my Eve, and Brave has its own future to deal with. I’ve just been selling a few things and doing a bit of chatting online about past and future as well as, of course, enjoying the best shrimp on the gulf coast, good wine, beautiful waves, and being a dad. I’ve also been doing some contemplating, and have gotten to the point that I’d like to put some of these contemplations up for others to consider. Therefore, I am writing my second (and not the last) blog post about my own personal experiences in Eve with Brave, HERO, and the Bearded BattleBears (J3B). It’s kind of nice to have a blog. Normally when one gets kicked from a group, when finding another group there is a lot of skepticism from the new group, old CEOs are contacted, there’s trash talk, and the kicked guy will generally have a hard time finding a new home. So if you’re wondering what my personal interest in writing this stuff is, I’ll say it is not a metagamer’s attempt to manipulate some sort of political agenda. It’s merely putting what happened up real time, for everyone, so if anyone says, “how could you manage to get kicked from Brave? Aren’t they just a group of innocent players who just fleet up to have fun?” I’ll just send a couple of links and the question will be answered.

So if there is any confusion, I have been banned from the HERO coalition and supposedly have one week of +1 status in order to get stuff out. Of course a day has gone by and I don’t have it. A meeting was conducted with members of J3B and Seraph IX Basarab. I was invited but was AFK. Seraph informed me of the ban, and I wrote my response, which I link here. My future with HERO is sealed. The only task for me relating to HERO at this point is to catalog what happened.

So we’ll start with a recounting of events:

Team Hades Effect

  1. Jan and Seraph IX Basarab try to start a functional black ops group for Brave Collective with support of Lychton Kondur and Park3r Kalkonen.
  2. Jan gets kicked from corp for spurious charges of abusing J3B’s name supported by charges of trying to advance a personal agenda, commandeer Brave’s current non-functioning black ops group, and being disloyal to J3B by putting an alt in another corp.
  3. Jan gets banned from HERO for making real life threats.
  4. Jan writes an exposition of the process and posts to reddit. The associated reddit post is linked here. The blog post is linked here.
  5. In the reddit post, Jan and Seraph admit to, repent of, and discuss every inaccuracy of presentation or failure of understanding.
  6. In the post, Jan and Seraph spend an entire day addressing every accusation, comment or concern.
  7. A meeting is held where Lychton, Park3r, Tackly Tackleson (J3B), Iakopo Nara (J3B), and Seraph discuss the issue. Hades Effect will be removed from HERO and Jan’s ban will remain in effect. Neither Jan nor Kelnon Tealth (J3B CEO) are present.

Team Bearded Battlebears (the aforementioned J3B).

  1. Kick Jan from J3B with no discussion.
  2. Invent a real life threat in order to ban Jan, as there aren’t very many reasons to ban someone from an open group like HERO.
  3. Spend all kinds of time on Skype convincing people to go along with the ridiculously fabricated real life threat. (More on this below – the escape tactics people are using to justify their support of this will not stand).
  4. Vote to get Jan banned.
  5. Demonize Seraph IX Basarab by proffering an accusation that he “crunches APIs for N3” as evidenced by an unnamed source known to Kelnon Tealth through Anna niedostepny.
  6. Kelnon tells “everyone” privately and in fleets to down vote a reddit post from Jan asking about “API crunching” because he threatened to kill people in real life. The reddit post is linked here.
  7. Respond to Jan’s blog and blog-related reddit post by:
  8. shill posting,
  9. posting doctored chatlogs,
  10. posting inaccurate paraphrases of mumble conversations,
  11. letting a couple of J3B line members who by their own admission were only presented a certain story, participate in the reddit dialog,
  12. letting fellow CEOs and council members that they’ve been manipulating, who would naturally be defensive because they are on the council and like it, participate in the reddit dialog,
  13. avoiding reddit like the plague (if you’re a J3B director or Kelnon, the CEO).
  14. While the reddit thing is happening, talk to ‘people who matter’ on Skype, building a case that Jan and Seraph and the Brave line members don’t know a thing about, thereby being free to make up anything J3B wants without a response.
  15. If you’re Kelnon, avoid the meeting with Lychton and Seraph personally, sending two diplomats to talk for you, but talk to them on Skype.
  16. At the meeting, call Seraph “unclassy” because he made some rough comments in the reddit dialog (as if shill posting and falsifying logs isn’t unclassy).
  17. Tell “everyone” that Jan constantly presented himself as a dangerous killer to J3B leadership to bolster the ludicrous situation of Jan being banned for making a real life threat.

Folks, the good guys address things publicly, directly, sincerely, and honestly. I hate drama cynos. They’re bad for Brave. But some issues need to be considered by everybody. The bad guys address things with lies, and where possible, by presenting things to people privately or in mediums where the other side isn’t present.

So with this situation taking place, Seraph and I have been saying some goodbyes. One of those goodbyes was a letter that Seraph wrote to Lychton that he sent to me afterwards. I am linking it here. Reading this letter got me thinking. During the reddit dialog, Seraph commented and alluded a few times that issues of my being kicked from J3B and my being banned from HERO were not only related to each other, but also related to my association with him. After thinking, I think the decision to kick me and ban me came immediately after announcing an intention to do anything with Seraph IX Basarab. Frankly, this goes way back, and you not only need to read the letter, but the reddit post, and maybe do some talking to some people to get additional details. What I can say, and this was stated by Seraph on the reddit, is that Seraph and Anna niedostepny don’t like each other. I can also say that Seraph and the CSM member Jayne Fillon don’t like each other. Seraph, Anna, and Jayne all knew each other back from Bombers Bar. Jayne and our own CSM member Cagali Cagali know and like each other. Seraph has a long history of supporting Lychton, as you can see from his letter to him, against coups that tend to be supported by Anna, who has a relationship with Kelnon that continues to the present.

As you can tell from Seraph’s letter and my eve-mail to Lychton, we’ve said goodbyes. We are saying this with the understanding that we’ve made our statements and cases publicly and as honestly as possible. Kelnon still runs Brave. This is really not my concern anymore. For those of you still around, though, the guy running the Collective, after accusing Seraph of being a scheming metagamer, has used every dishonest metagamer tactic to achieve his ends, to including kicking and banning a line member trying to help the alliance. He still associates with Anna niedostepny. He incessantly parrots how awesome he and his corp are. Since I don’t have any spies in Brave, I can only assume that he is still MILDIR and Cap Group Leader (in control of Brave’s capital tactics) as well as being Brave’s primary supplier of capital ships. He still thinks J3B leadership is better than Brave’s. But we all know these things. What I would like to highlight is Brave, the “stay classy” alliance, is ruled by a guy, who, with his diplomats, will tell any lie imaginable, use any IT trick available, and pull any string possible, rallying “everybody” and the “important people” to accomplish his objectives.

To illustrate and address this, I’ll mention one final example. I’m gone. I have not received a single Skype conversation from “everyone.” I’ve been banned and accepted the ban. I want it at this point. I’m moving on. Now, however, it’s apparently going around that “everybody” thought I was threatening Iakopo because I mentioned that I was a HUMINT Asset Operator and that remark was ‘scary.’ It was scary because apparently every time I interacted with J3B leadership I touted that I was some sort ninja assassin Jason Bourne type. I shouldn’t be around to counter that lie, right? Well, it’s made its way back to me so I’ll counter it. I’m a PTSD vet. Talking about the Army is uncomfortable for me. The only time I have ever actually told an Army story to anyone in Brave was when I spoke about a unit I knew of during my second Iraq deployment that used funny radio callsigns. The only time I have ever talked about my job in the Army was in one private conversation with Iakopo Nara from J3B. Most of the details of my job are actually classified. However, if anyone is curious about what a HUMINT Asset Operator is, there’s Google. 5 minutes with Google directed to this page linked here. One thing I can say is that my job was about finding out the truth and keeping people alive. Killing people is not in the job description. The reason I mentioned my former job in my conversation with Iakopo after I was kicked was because I had to be able to sit in a cafe in Tehran and talk to a janitor in the Russian embassy about the idea of him betraying his country to commit the crime of bringing the ambassador’s trash to me. If I were to talk to the wrong janitor at the wrong time and say the wrong thing, I would disappear forever. You have to know who you’re talking to if you have a job like that. You have to know people.

Trust me, folks, like I said in my convo with Iakopo, I know J3B. That’s who is running Brave.

So for all you people that may consider recruiting me, the events continued in this post and the one before it, and explained in the linked reddit posts, are why I got kicked from HERO. In short, I got kicked from J3B because I tried to help the alliance by being involved with Seraph IX Basarab, someone who has supported Lychton against Kelnon and Anna for a long time.

For those of you in Brave, fly safe. Stay classy.

2 thoughts on “Chemo

  1. Okay, the hilarity continued. “Later on you had an attempted coup and your entire IT security burned because of Draleth…” What a wonderfully conflated gem. I was head diplo, with alliance level roles, demoted myself and stripped my own roles, and if you notice page three of, the diplo team proposal, diplo team was being demoted. Super Coup Bois 64 goin’ on there. Ultra effective, much wow.

    “A year later you had a much larger attempt against your leadership which all but succeeded.” Kek. A year later, Lychton had continued screwing things up and a few people had enough. June running the show for a bit should have at least demonstrated that the Dear Leader of Brave doesn’t actually need to be incompetent to qualify for the job… it’s just what people have grown accustomed to. Nothing against the man personally, but wrangling this many cats requires utmost communication. It’s a skill he needs to further develop, as you’ve noticed.

    Stripping away the meta, which you certainly are still playing into with your posts, let’s just assume everyone involved simply disagreed about things. As a third party observer to the semi-successful “coup” (what number are we up to now?) I saw the power of communication to get shit done. Bad stuff happened, people who care stepped up and tried to fix it as best they could given the limited information available. The aftermath was (yet another) another shining testament to the ability of BRAVE to cannibalize itself instead of learn from its mistakes, and a testament the ability of a few to control the narrative.

    If there was malignant intent, these people are gone now, but consider the implications of lingering on the failure of someone who actually meant well. You seem to be enjoying some taste of what myself and Anna went through after our own attempts to improve the status quo. (You’ll have to take my word that Anna and I barely exchanged two sentences since I originally left, and had I known of a “coup” I would have argued against it as simply further unconstructive provocation.) That you continue the us-vs-them narrative, of traitors-vs-loyalists, while complaining about someone considering you to be “them” and not “us”, demonstrates a lack of self-awareness that is as stunning as it is saddening.

    But not surprising.

    — Draleth.


  2. I really have no interest in you, man. It was all before my time. You’re somehow commenting on my post because I linked a letter from Seraph to Lychton in it. If you don’t like Seraph’s letter, get with Seraph. Really, you are just an anecdotal reference in that letter anyway.

    There really is no ‘us vs. them.’ At one time there was a ‘Seraph vs. you’ apparently – something I really don’t know much about. As for me, well, Lychton ultimately confirmed a coalition wide ban of me for making a real-life threat that I didn’t make. There is no Jan and Lychton angle. I supported Lychton up until the very end, at which point he didn’t support me. I don’t know why. I wasn’t present. HERO and I are done. As for Seraph and I, well, we were friends for a long time before doing anything together. There was some consideration of continuing to do things together after this whole Brave mess, but at this time it looks as though we will once again go our separate ways. We will continue to be friends as we were before.


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