I think today is the day to write the post that I have been considering writing for some days now, but have been avoiding writing because Brave certainly doesn’t need any more drama. It was a heck of a day for me yesterday, though, and it takes a hell of a day to bring me to where I was. And while Brave certainly doesn’t need any more drama, the Kelnon Collective I think could stand some, at least if Brave is to benefit.

So the thing that finally moved me to go public was an actual PTSD attack I had around four AM in my timezone after the second sleepless night. The attack was during a conversation I had with my former CEO Kelnon Tealth of the Bearded Battlebears. I’ll link to it here. One thing in this conversation that Kelnon was right about was that I sure was mad. After reading it this morning, I thought, “I’ll definitely look like a maniacal moron now,” although the thought did enter my mind that “even with all the name-calling, I didn’t threaten him or anyone else.” Now I hadn’t had a PTSD attack since maybe 2012 or early 2013, although I have been living a generally stress-free environment since I left the Army at that time. Outbursts (and threats) are generally not my nature, and that fact combined with a touch of paroxytone and a low-key life has kept things nice and fine. I’d been pushed to my limit recently by some things that I just cannot abide, I suppose. Betrayal triggers me.

So as the story goes, the reason that I hit my limit and could not avoid berating Kelnon was because in mumble in a fleet he had been telling people to down vote a reddit post that I had written and that I had threatened to kill people in RL and had been banned from the coalition. Now the post itself is an interesting story, so I’ll link it too. It’s a small piece of a larger story, though, so I’ll get back to where I was going. While the reddit post just linked has a story behind it, this was just a precursor to the trigger of Kelnon telling people I had been threatening people in RL. Another precursor was that I had been forced to remove my toons from Hades Effect, my corp in Friends of Brave, because I had been banned from the coalition by a council vote that was made by unknown parties while the HERO Coalition Commander was asleep and told that Hades Effect would be kicked from Friends of Brave if my toons were not gone in 15 minutes (so before the HERO Coalition Commander would wake up). My reaction to this news, not brought to me by any recognizable HERO authority, but rather by my CEO, who had been informed by Tackly Tackleson, a low-level Brave Collective diplomat and Bearded Battlebears member (remember, Kelnon’s corp), is linked here.

So now we are clear that I had been banned for making RL threats. The alleged threats made by me were pursuant to my being kicked from the Bearded Battlebears and took place in this conversation. Being kicked from Brave was very unsettling for me when it happened, as it happened without any sort of warning or any indication that I had done something wrong. I just got this eve-mail. Now this official mail only makes mention of my alleged using Bearded Battlebears’ name to plug a personal group. Well, the group had been approved by Lychton. It wasn’t a personal purpose. Second, and unfortunately I don’t have anything to link because it happened in mumble voice comms, I was merely stating that Bearded Battlebears was a great corp with a lot of effective players and many of these players had expressed interest in blopsing in our group. My previous voice conversation with Kelnon on related matters was about the subject of my becoming CEO of a different corp and Kelnon had told me that he did not want me to claim any official relationship or official endorsement of my proposed corporation with Bearded Battlebears so that Bearded Battlebears did not suffer from any relationships or deals that I may make. No mention was made about me being forbidden to say my corp was great and had members who wanted to blops with us in a Lychton-approved SIG. While I do understand how a misunderstanding could develop, I was shocked at being immediately kicked without being consulted first, as I stated in my conversation with Iakopo above. I think this is poor leadership that burns bridges and creates enemies, and I planned to be plainly stating of the fact that Bearded Battlebears had lost a friend. I certainly was not planning to grovel to come back to the corp, and I was not planning on displaying any false friendship. Now also in the conversation with Iakopo I was charged with trying to contradict Pelter Omari, the leader of Blops O’Clock, or somehow avoid proper channels with going forward with the alliance group. Obviously before kicking me no one checked my API, as they would have stumbled upon this eve-mail in parts one, two, three, and four. Obviously there was no intent to circumvent Pelter as I angrily stated in my conversation with Iakopo. Kicking me was just an uninformed mistake made via poor leadership in not talking to me and not even checking my API.

Returning to this conversation with Iakopo, though, I would like to point out that according to Kelnon, “everybody” thought I was threatening Iakopo. Now I clearly stated only that “I knew people” perhaps a statement that could have been misinterpreted as a threat but was not obviously a threat. However, in the logs I clearly state that I was intending to say that I knew how humans think. Frankly, “everybody” must be completely crazy to react so harshly to a statement that could possibly have been misinterpreted as a threat and then was clarified in the conversation. Or, perhaps Kelnon is just muscling his people into going along with him to get rid of me? What do you, the readers think? Please note also that I would be eventually banned from the coalition by a Brave Collective council while Lychton slept without anyone asking me for clarification, apology, anything. Just banned from the coalition. I think something is wrong with this.

Now I am quite concerned. Kelnon Tealth, a very active and quintessential coup supporter has now been the organizer of three council votes that happened while Lychton was asleep. First, the coup. Second, the kicking of Hades Effect from Friends of Brave, an amazing story that is going to require another blog post. And third, my banning from the coalition. This guy, who is a long-time associate of Anna niedostepny, someone who is not on good terms with Lychton on account of the coup, and with Seraph IX Basarab (Hades Effect CEO) on account of events from Bombers Bar in 2013, is holding multiple significant votes about not only alliance but coalition matters while Lychton is asleep. The kicking of Hades Effect was directly overturned by Lychton.

Folks, Brave has had a middle management problem for a while. I think we’ve learned that we should not let individuals with no verifiable value such as Toasty Biggums get power merely by rubbing elbows with people like Kelnon. Hades Effect, for example, a small corp with a few members, was not invited directly into Brave simply by having some good ideas (and they are great ones, trust me). That was a good move. It should grow in BF4LF for a while. However, there are fundamentals of the middle management issue that apparently have not been solved. I think we need to understand that once a group exceeds Dunbar’s Number it cannot function as a collection of cliques doing their own thing and interacting without an actual government. I definitely think allowing a Brave Collective (alliance) council to dictate matters pertinent to HERO (a coalition), doesn’t make sense. Does Klaus Penumbra of NAGA even know I have been banned? Did he vote for or against my being allowed to enter his alliance? Was Basil Vulpine of Blades of Grass involved in any way? Further, I do not think the council should be passing any votes without Lychton’s prior approval. I mean good governments normally require bills to be approved by the King/President/Prime Minister before making it out of Parliament/Congress, right?

While I have alluded to a great many things in this post, from the aborted kicking of Hades Effect from Friends of Brave to Kelnon’s role in the coup, I want to keep all these issues digestible. Primarily, because this post is definitely a drama cyno. Brave doesn’t need those, although in this case I think a little drama now will certainly prevent some serious drama later. That’s what motivated me to write about some of these events at this time, although they have been occurring for weeks. Previously I talked about the need for us to stay fun and casual while tightening up enough to play a good game. In my opinion as a scurrilously dejected former member of Brave, the council definitely needs to come under control or be outright replaced with something that works. That’s the reason for letting you in on this dramatic little episode of mine that caused me to have the first PTSD attack I’ve suffered in years. My own personal fate in Eve certainly isn’t resolved, but I’m confident I’ll have fun playing this game for years. However, Brave and HERO’s fate is something relevant to you all and something that should be improved now.

Thanks for reading.

AUTHOR’S NOTE (3 June 2015): This post did indeed create a little drama cyno. The post was linked to the Brave subreddit and produced a healthy discussion thread. Over the course of that thread it was revealed that the above post, while thoroughly linked with logs, mails, and supporting evidence, does contain factual errors. I am choosing to let the post remain in its original form, however. The errors were issues of Lychton’s specific activities pertaining to the council meetings mentioned and the timing of the meetings. These issues are not pertinent to the general intent or specific points made in the post. However, the reddit post is linked here, and the reader is invited to read it. A great many counterpoints made by various parties were obviously dishonest and inaccurate, and providing a proper clarification given the situation is impossible. The post itself with its links and the comments on reddit will provide the clearest picture possible. Also, check out my post Chemo for the continuation of the story.

2 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. Took me a few minutes to recover from the bout of hilarity. Interesting write-up. The association with Seraph comes across in the writing style and excessive verbosity; not even I wrote this much in one place on my way out.


    • Well, I am a blogger. I have a blog. There tends to be writing there. The ‘you wrote too much’ thing is normally proffered by those who don’t like what is written and normally only characterizes a lack of intellect by those who say it. Perhaps it works on forum posts and the reddit, but for a blog?

      So are you saying that Seraph and I teach each other to write? We don’t. We are associated with each other. I don’t see that as some sort of charge of guilt. I’ve never denied any associations. The fact that we are friends doesn’t have anything to do with writing.


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