What Goes Around Comes Around

The Bad Karma post by Gevlon Goblin was one of the most ludicrous posts I have read in a while. One thing that I have learned from playing Eve Online is that grown men can get more hysterical than little girls. He’s making the Karma Fleet incident into some ‘Brave is dying’ nonsense. A while back I remember him posting something about HERO being forever and always irrelevant and hopeless because HERO doesn’t rat. Never mind that most of HERO can’t fit a nullsec ratting ship. There’s all kinds of mining going on in Catch. Exploration too. Also, I can remember back in Get Off My Lawn in Delve where we didn’t rat because Delve was permanently cloaky camped by Pasta. Does he think Catch is any less dangerous? So what did we do in Delve? We made bank in highsec running incursions. These days all my money comes from highsec industry and trade. He gives billions per week to all kinds of wars and mercenaries but he doesn’t rat. So what’s with the Brave is dying?

Brave certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s shaping up all the time. Is he going to say BL has no hope for greatness because they’ve recently lost some key people? Is he going to call NC. hopeless because they lost some key people? Eve without drama isn’t Eve.

Surely Brave is fragile in a lot of ways and living a precarious life in a lot of ways. But such was it for the Goons in 2010.

Gevlon, get over your dismissal of Brave. We’re building Titans and capitals. Our numbers keep growing. We’ll get there. Your post was a real disappointment.

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