Latest CSM Notes: Rumors of Attribute Points/Implants Being Removed

I like the current implant system and remapping.

If you want to get people to PvP with more clones, you could just remove the fact that you lose implants when you are podded. So your new clone wakes up with all it’s implants.

This would still kill the implant economy, so I am not sure I am exactly for it. But it is an example of how the ‘problem’ of learning implants (discouraging PvP) could be circumvented without dumbing down the game.

I like attributes, remaps, implants – to include learning implants.

I do PvP. I do hate getting podded in an expensive clone. I still don’t want learning implants to be removed.

I will not rage quit if they are removed. It’s a tertiary issue overall. I don’t think removing them will all the sudden make Eve players start PvPing. I also don’t think removing them will ruin the game. It’s really much ado about nothing. But just to put my two cents in, removing attributes, remapping, and learning implants will cost Eve some flavor. If it’s problematic, replace it with something equally flavorful and not problematic. Don’t just get rid of them.

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