Recon Ships

I personally think the Lachesis and Rook don’t particularly need HAC resists because their tank should be their incredible range. In large fleets they should have a separate anchor and FC and just be used smartly.

In my short time in Brave I’ve noticed the extreme positive tactical effect of bringing a largish fleet of Tengus and Eagles to an engagement with our more experienced players plus bringing a second fleet of a gazillion noobs in Mauluses. I am not strategically in the know, and I guess maybe the idea was to bring them in so they can feel like they are participating and KM *****. Regardless the reason, PL has become extremely reluctant to engage, even in slippery petes. Being able to shut down an enemy from 80K away is a pretty impressive force multiplier.

Previously, the Pilgrim was something of a niche ship, not preferred to hunter-killer for SB fleets because its neut bonus would not take much effect before the enemy was zapped by the 50 SBs. However, as a solo hunter or as a HK for a small BLOPs gang it was great because of its superior tank and the extreme effectiveness of its neuts in situations where the enemy is not expected to die instantaneously. I personally would prefer a neut strength bonus to a neut range bonus like it was but just bring the resists up to HAC level making it attractive in situations where tank matters. You just warp up to your target at zero anyway. You want to neut faster. And you want tank to survive longer.

I haven’t really thought about the Huginn and Rapier. I suspect that their ‘problems’ are more along the lines of not being properly used by the player base really.

I guess in summary, I think the pre-Proteus Caldari and Gallente recons don’t need balancing. They just need to be properly used by the players. They should never engage up close. The Amarr recons don’t need their EWAR bonuses changed. They just need the HAC resists. They should never engage far away. I have no comment on the Minmatar ships.

I’ve already commented on it, but to restate, I like the DSCAN immunity for the combat recons. I like encouraging CCP to be bold and increase options. Yeah, it may break some stuff, but they always have the option to pull it on the one hand, or more exciting even, to modify the characteristic, or even more exciting than that, develop modules and ships that will provide a counter to the new threat. Instead of screaming for them to keep things just as they are, we need to be saying, ‘if you’re going to implement X, it’s going to break Y, so then you’ll also need to implement Z.’ We do not need to be saying, ‘if you’re going to implement X, it’s going to break Y, so don’t implement X.’

If we don’t let them be bold with these recons, and we whine every time there’s a major change, then we will NEVER get them to make changes to blob warfare, logi chains, etc. I love Eve more than I’ve ever loved any game, but there’s some seriously lame parts of it. If we scream every time there’s a major upset to the mix and insist they leave things as they are, we’ll be stuck forever. So let them do the DSCAN immunity, let’s see what it breaks, provide feedback, use the CSM to influence them, and see how they fix it.

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